Sex outside marriage is forbidden in the U.A.E. Live-in relationships are not just looked down upon, they are completely forbidden and against the law. So if you don’t want to find yourself in the confines of a prison instead of a luxurious suite, please refer to yourselves as ‘man’ and ‘wife’ and not as a ‘girlfriend/ boyfriend’, or a fiance.


Though you will be required to furnish your passport, different surnames are acceptable as the new generation of Islamic women prefer to keep their own surnames after marriage as well.


Completely avoid public displays of affection. If married, holding hands is permitted, but go no further….kissing and hugging in public is considered offensive and liable to punishment.


Gay and lesbian couples also need to keep a low profile. Cross-dressing or homosexual behaviour is illegal and can lead to deportation. It is always better to book a twin sharing room. And completely avoid any public displays.


Pregnancy before marriage is unacceptable, illegal and punishable by law. In such situations, both partners can face a prison term. Registration of the child’s birth will only create more havoc as the parties can be slapped with a law suit.