Or dress with sense. You are in a conservative country and should dress accordingly. As you are not in Rome, you cannot do what the Romans do. So do the next best thing… what the Emirati do.


 Islamic values entail conservative dressing and traditional clothing. One is not expected to come out in a burkha but any kind of inappropriate clothes or indecent exposure in public places like restaurants, malls and parks, will be liable to heavy fines and punishment.


Both men and women should be fully covered and not expose any partsof the body like knees, legs, shoulders and arms, unless in the swimming pool or at the beach. But nudity is not allowed even on the beach.This includes going topless on the beach or even barechested men on the streets of Dubai. Eventhough swimwear is allowed, it would be a good idea to use conservative costumes just like the ones Islamic women use.


Street clothes should be decent covering all body parts and should not be even slightly transparent or see through, as this will definitely not see you through.  Strictly avoid suggestive slogans, pictures and tattoos of all sorts. If you do have a tattoo make sure that it is well concealed under your clothing.