Alcohol consumption is strictly not accepted by Islam. In fact it is not even available in Sharjah.


However, Non – Muslims are allowed to consume liquor only in licensed clubs, bars and restaurants or in the privacy of their own homes (provided they hold a liquor license).


The age limit for alcohol consumption in U.A.E. is 21 years and above, with the exception of Abu Dhabi where it is18 years.


Consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden in public. Drinking and driving or even drinking and walking is not permitted and one can be arrested for the same.


Carrying alcohol in your car if you do not have a permit will be considered a criminal offence. In fact alcohol cannot be purchased in a store, mall or supermarket unless one has a license for the same. This facility is only open to non-muslim residents who have obtained a liquor permit and are using it for personal consumption in the privacy of their homes and can be obtained only in specialised licensed stores.   


This license only permits one to purchase alcohol from a licensed store, but does notoffer any immunity from an alcohol related offence. Nor is this license available to tourists, who will have to purchase it only in licensed bars, clubs and restaurants.